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Bug Issues

Get an error message every time I send in a report, but the report still ends up going through, thus creating duplicate reports of the same issue. And after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, if you send an image, it'll load the image with the report the first time. If you don't uninstall and submit a report, you'll get the error message and it won't send the uploaded image. So I have to use my Flickr account and put links of the images of in question in the report. GPS though is accurate though.

Thank you Escondido

This app works so great. The city responds quickly. I love the idea of quick and clear communication between the citizens and city hall. @Escondido keep up the great work.

GPS Needed to make a report?

I understand it is real time, however if I'm driving, it's against the law to text. Therefore, the GPS doesn't make sense if I'm leaving town in my car and there is no one else to report traffic light issues our pot holes or whatever for me, and I'm trying to report it later. I give two stars for a good try.

Report It Escondido

Nice App! Easy to use, yet the App needs: "Street Light Lamp Post Outage (Burnout)" category in the Report Type: Selections.

Idea is good

The idea and thought behind the app is good. The app is difficult to navigate. The other issue is the city never seems to act on the reports. I guess that's a fault of the city and not the app. I'm curious if I would get faster results if I contacted the city directly.


Graffiti is beautiful this app us awful

GPS reporting not accurate

Not too bad, it's easy to use but doesn't give accurate locations of problems. It just takes the first position from the GPS in your phone - which - if you've ever used maps is lucky to place you in the right city.

Great app!!

Anyone living in Escondido should have this app

Mixed feelings

I love using an app to report things to the city any time, any day; it is much better than sitting on hold, listening to Muzak, or navigating endless touchtone menus, especially since I most frequently come across things to report while walking my dog before and after work. Lessening my love is my growing frustration with how limited the app is in its utility. The paucity of options we have for reporting problems (at first just graffiti and potholes, now expanded ever so slightly to include homeless encampments and abandoned cars) means that we cannot as readily offer photographic proof or detail to the departments responsible for, say, fixing broken water pipes. Also, while I don't mind helping Code Enforcement bust serious violators, I appreciate that Escondido has developed Project NEAT as an intermediate and less punitive step to encouraging property owners to comply with city ordinances. I wish the app would let us report to Project NEAT first, so that Project NEAT could give folks a chance before passing them along to Code Enforcement. On a technical note, the lack of sorting under the Reports tab is a problem. (How many of these graffiti reports came in over the last month? Why not allow us to exclude the closed reports from the map view? And so on.) Finally, there is the issue of city response. When I started using the app, graffiti was dealt with in 48-72 hours, which was fantastic, and a good incentive to keep on using the app, recommending it to neighbors, etc. Nowadays I've got reports that are 2-3 weeks old and still say "in process". Meanwhile, the graffiti sits there, untouched, a stark advertisement to the artists and thuggish wannabe's that this block/alley/neighborhood is a safe place to make their mischief. It's disheartening.

Great app for Escondido

What a great idea for Escondido, and the app works great. Reported some graffiti and it was taken care of shortly after. Love it!

This is sooo awesome! Olga you rock!

Why do our tax dollars go to so many dumb things and so few cities have something like this!

App works, but city doesn't

App works OK, and at least in the beginning, the city was quickly painting over the graffiti that was reported with this app. Now the reports just sit there "in process" for months. Graffiti remains. Worthless if the city of Escondido isn't going to actually make the effort to address the reported problems.

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